Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sasquatched: Yeti Belly, Part Deuce.

Okay, so remember 3 blogs ago, when I told you I only had 5 more bands that I wanted to talk about? Uhm, well I guess what I really meant to say was, I have 7 more bands that I would like to talk about. Hooray, hooray!

To be honest, all I remember from this show is Matt Costa telling me personally (as I stood within a sea of plebs) that he thinks the number 13 is a lucky number and that he once lived in a haunted house. The tequila monsters erased the rest of my memory regarding this set.

They put on the most energetic and entertaining show the light of day has ever seen...well at least that I've ever seen in the light of day. Usually, at Sasquatch, all the best shows are at night because they can implement all of those "dazzling special effects" that only nightfall can accommodate. But the lead singer has so much energy, pizazz and charm, none of those things were necessary. I was sitting on the hillside and was still pumped during the entire set. I heartz zee hives.

Holy crap I got to see Built to Spill! I even took a shitty video of "carry the zero", which you can enjoy (or not?) at the end of this blog! It is super awful, especially the beginning, since I couldn't stop dancing while recording the song. Eventually Jess backhanded me with her heavy, yet steady appendage, and held the camera for the rest of its duration. Thank you Jess. You make my heart meats glow.

I can't believe I was even considering skipping out on these two. The moment they began playing their guitars I could barely move, and I became completely petrified when Gabriela got into her groove. I was enchanted by both of their talents, but especially hers. I don't know what it is about women who can play the guitar really well, but if I catch a glimpse of one doing so, I'm hooked. Jess, who had been lying on her back with her eyes closed during the beginning of their set, said she was surprised to find that all of the "percussion" she had heard was actually Gabriela and Rodrigo slapping their guitars as they played. They strummed and slapped at mind boggling speeds. If you ever have the opportunity to see these guys live, I suggest you jump at the chance.

If you have ever taken the time out to listen to my radio show, you'd know I absolutely love Flight of the Conchords (I always play at least one of their songs every time I host my weekly show). So when I finally got to see them perform live, I was ecstatic. I loved that Jermaine was wearing a tuxedo shirt and Brett was wearing one of his signature animal sweaters, even though it was swelteringly hot outside. They actually received their first bra ever from someone hidden within the crowd, which seemed to be the highlight of their night :) "There ain't no party like my nanna's tea partay...heyyy...ho!"

I like a lot of TMV's work, but I must admit, seeing them live was a little hard to enjoy at first. I think the souring of the show (for me) began when the lead singer Cedric tried to rip a very large, very expensive camera out one of the cameramen's hands (this was after Cedric had already thrown a stool and other large objects into the crowd). After that all I could think about was whether or not he realized how expensive that piece of equipment was. I've been conditioned by my best friend/personal photographer (through the use of tazers and large angry bees) to always handle camera's with care, so seeing that was unsettling. Other than the camera abuse, I found the show somewhat amusing. However, I would be lying if I said I liked watching them live more than listening to their recorded work.

I.Love.The Flaming Lips.
I always have. Well, I have since the day I was exposed to them at age 12 by my older sister, Andy. I used to sing "Vaseline" at the top of my lungs every single day as I marched to my bus stop in the early morn'. And now, 13 years later, they are still one of my most cherished bands. I even have a cat named Yoshimi, which seems to be an extremely popular pet name for those of us who truly love The Flaming Lips ♥
Their UFO show was amazing, and by far the better of the two live TFL shows I've seen. This year there was a space ship, dozens of telly tubbies, naked girls dancing around on stage, and of course, Wayne's magical-crowd-surfing bubble. They ended the show with "Do You Realize?" and covered the entire crowd (even those on the hillside) with pink and white confetti. I had a reaction to this moment that I can only compare to Kim's when Edward Scissorhands created snow by carving a sculpture in her backyard. It was beautiful, it was surreal, and it made me spin around and smile with happiness.

Okee dokee friends! That is all I have from the Sasquatch Music Festival 2008. Hopefully I'll get to see you there next year :D

Enjoy the Built to Spill video :)
(Try to guess when Jess finally takes the camera away from my overly excited self)

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