Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Adventures In the Belly of a Yeti: My Sasquatch Encounter

I have to admit that I'm disappointed in myself for not doing this sooner.

I had plans, my beloved reader, to dazzle and please your senses with colorful tales of all the magic and all the glory that the gorge has to offer.

However, due to the time lapse, and the fact that I had imbibed more grainy beverages than usual while I was there, my memory of the fabulous Sasquatch Music Festival isn't as fresh in mi cabeza as it had been 2 months ago.

I know...shame on me. But I'll make it up to you, I promise. The first thing I'm going to do tomorrow morning is punish myself by flogging my mouth with a ball made out of bacon and cheeses.

That'll show me >8(

But for now, I will finish this post by touching on a few of the bands I do remember, and closing it with a fantasmagoric slide show!

It's slidyriffic!

These guys were amazing, and played twice for us because National was lazy and decided not to show (dramatization).

No music can make my heart feel as though it has been blown up by several bombs containing rainbow-ingesting kittens like Beirut can. His music is just as beautiful live as it is recorded, if not better.

I was worried she'd get stuck in customs again this year, so when she finally took center stage I almost peed...twice. I know, it's ridiculous, but I love her and she put on a very fun, very energetic show. Near the end she convinced a very large portion of the crowd to join her on stage. I literally stood there for about a minute or two weighing the pros and cons of getting the shit beat out of me as I attempted to jump up there with her. I decided against it, finally, but only because by the time I made my executive decision to go, they were no longer admitting people on the stage...bastards.

They didn't have flashy lights, or a gimmick of any sort, but I love their music, so who cares? Not this lady. Just the fact that I got to see them perform filled my belly with warm and fuzzy-drunk butterflies.

They put on a really good show, but we had to leave early due to the evil, freezing rain penetrating our fragile flesh.

What can I say? Those girls are so adorable I just want to grandma clamp their cheeks with my fingers. RAWR! GRAMMA CLAMP!
My favorite part of their show was their banter, especially when they thanked all the girls who decided to wear bikini tops to the festival.

I stayed for about 20 minutes, but ditched them to see Mates of State. Those guys have great stage presence, and normally I would have stayed, but I was too curious about MOS's performance.

So, these guys weren't showmen like The Presidents, but they were definitely worth the trouble of walking up a hill with a freakishly steep incline to see. I ended up leaving their show early though on account of loneliness. I was doing fine until my phone died and I could no longer gloat to my boyfriend via text about how awesome they were. With no one left to share my MOS moments with, I decided to venture back to the main stage to see what everyone else was listening to.

I have got to hand it to these guys. They performed way better than they did at Sasquatch 2006. Ben Gibbard seemed full of piss and vinegar, chatting up a storm between songs. He even told a cute story about meeting Tegan and Sara's mom.

Watching the Cure makes me giggle. I don't know why, but I think it may have something to do with the fact that they dress like some sort of Goth/Industrial band, but sing songs such as their very popular "It's Friday, I'm In Love." Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the show, I just felt like I was in Bizarro World throughout their entire set.

Oh man...this is the longest blog ever and I still have five bands to go. Better save them for tomorrow.

Until then, enjoy zee picture show!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I told Jesh to gank the pics from you because she apparently a) doesn't check her hotmail and b) thinks that my email is junk. :( So sad.

Sasquatch less than 3!


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