Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh Birdie-Boo, you're so cute

My two little sisters and I weren't exposed to organized religion as much as my 3 older siblings were growing up. So when I heard that my 11 year old baby sister, Beryl Rae, was going to church camp, I was a bit surprised. I mean, my mom talks about how she loves Jesus Christ and all that jazz, but the three of us young'ns never really got any formal reliducation from our parents or church.

Everything I know about Christianity, or any other religion for that matter, I learned from t.v., books, and of course, that extremely popular Mel Gibson movie, which I can't remember the title of at this very moment. It's very ominous, maybe.

So today, after Beryl was dropped off at said church camp, I received a letter from my mom via myspace. This is what she wrote:


Beryl is off to camp.

There was a little ampitheater with 3 wooden crosses made from sticks as a background. As Beryl passed she goes," WHAT? THEY GOING TO CRUCIFY PEOPLE HERE?"

That's Beryl!


I nearly peed myself.

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