Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Molotov Cocktease and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Dr. Girlfriend) Pt. 3

Here are some of the pictures we shot of our costumes! I'm Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and Jess is good ol' Molotov. Enjoy!

Molotov Cocktease and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Dr. Girlfriend) Pt. 2

The video I made to try to explain the creation of our costumes. I hope it is helpful!

I also wrote about it in this entry.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Molotov Cocktease and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Dr. Girlfriend)

Hello My Friends!

I wanted to share my latest project with you. I decided I would make a better effort to celebrate my favorite holiday. So this year, I made a Dr. Mrs. the Monarch costume for myself, and a Molotov Cocktease costume for my BFF Jess.

The results were great! These are the best costumes I have ever had the privilege to wear/make. I want to share the process with you guys. I made a video, but I sometimes think I'm more articulate in print.

Molotov Cocktease

For Jess' costume, we found a black unitard. All I had to do was cut it down the middle in the front and the back and it pretty much opened up the right amount. I hemmed the edges to clean it up, sewed the cups of bras onto the inside, and had her model the costume while I pinned strips of shiny red spandex to her. After that, I sewed some of the strips on with the machine and Jess helped by hand tacking the belts and garters in the correct spots.

We created her eye decor with a real eyepatch. We just glued a felt heart onto it, and voila! Awesome assassin eyewear. I made her boot covers and gloves with the same red spandex material I used to trim her costume. My video has an example of how I did this.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

I found a black unitard and cut it into the shape of Dr. Mrs. the Monarch's costume. I then added red spandex strips to create the monarch logo on the front. Once that was done I added the same yellow spandex I used to create my gloves, necklace, crown, and boot covers, to trim the costume's plunging neck/backline.

As a final touch, I added a sparkly yellow fabric for the Dr's wings, because I had never seen that before. Also, I am attracted to shiny things. I'm a bug eyed, brunette, stereotype. I know.

I'll be posting more pics tonight, but in the meantime, please enjoy the video below to see who inspired me to use the mannequin idea. These women are awesome!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Promo! 15% off of my shizzz :D

Long time, no write, my friends! Currently, I am working on a series of Alaskan/New York paintings involving some people in my life. The most recent one is of my friend Kim. If you are able to guess which Alaskan animal she is based on I will send you a discount code to receive 15% off of purchases from my Etsy Account! Just email your answer to shayna.hawkins@gmail.com! The promo will expire on August 23rd, so don't wait!

Here is an image of the unfinished product:

Also, is anyone interested in birthday cards like this?

Just curious ;)

<3 - Shayna

Friday, April 1, 2011

3rd Ward Open Call

I just submitted a portfolio for 3rd Ward's open call. You can see it by clicking on the link below.

If I get chosen, I will receive money, studio space, etc, to work on a solo show for three months. Also, if I get the most positive votes I get the people's choice award.

Please share this link with your friends, encourage them to share it, and make sure to vote for it every day (I guess you can vote once every 24 hours)!

Thank you all for your support <3!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Santas On The Move Dot Com Up and RUNNING!

The website I designed for "Santas On The Move" is up and running! Let me know if you notice any bugs so I can try to fix them tomorrow :D Thanks again to all of our supporters! For up to date info regarding the film's status this is the best place to go. Just visit www.santasonthemove.com to check it out.
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