Friday, May 16, 2008

Comic Conception

Ever wonder where I get the inspiration for my Shay-Town comics?

Well, if you do, have I got a treat for you!

I just found a crap-load of my old home videos! Three of which inspired one of my favorite strips of all...I'll give you a bit of background before we begin...

So two years ago, Jess had fallen ill and was unable to go to our radio show with me. I decided that the only rational thing to do was to create videos for her while I was there without her, so she understood how important she is to the show :-|

The first video is of me telling Jess my video plans and assuring her I wasn't recording her while sharing said plans.

If you read my comics, you'll totally know which ones resulted from the other two vids. If not, I'll link them on the bottom so you can see which ones they are :-D

PS please disregard my bad hair, skin, and inability to formulate a complete sentence...these were all symptoms which resulted after I was shamefully probed by aliens (that looked suspiciously like Jess) the night least it happened in the comfort of my own home...

Sure they're anti-climatic, but they're what inspired these comics!

First Part of Comic
Second Part of Comic
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