Thursday, April 30, 2009

cap'n gown

I'm going to be super busy during the next week, so I'm going to make this entry short.

Here's a tiny list of things that have been awesome lately.

Awesome thing number 1
I'm going to graduate next week and I'm actually going to walk. I wasn't going to before, but I've decided that it might feel like I'm crossing a finish line, which appeals to me slightly. Look for the cap that has "FTW" painted on it. I'm also working on an appropriate silly walk for this occasion. See Monty Python for details...

Awesome thing number 2
I got a flower for being helpful :) I assisted the gallery coordinator and a few others during the jurying of this semester's student art show. We had to put pieces back in the studios they came from if they were rejected (ex: a sculpture would be taken back to the sculpture studio). The process took over 4 hours, but I stuck around because I felt super social that day, which is a rarity this semester. I got this rose right as they were starting to hand out the awards on opening night (I don't own a vase, but I think the juxtaposition of the rose and this crystal cascade bottle is totally rad).

Awesome thing number 3:
My painting "Squid Baby," won best in painting and my digital print "ROFLcopter" won best in digital art at the student art show. I've only received an honorable mention before (at the bear gallery for "Mupples"), so every time I got called for an award I felt shocked, somewhat embarrassed, and ecstatic. It was a strange mixture of feelings to say the least.

So here they are again...the pieces that made me $60 richer. I'm going to get fancy sauces for my ramen :D

© 2009 Shayna Hawkins

© 2009 Shayna Hawkins

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