Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OMG! It's VIRTUAL Whimsy!

I want to make sure all of my family and friends are able to enjoy my gallery, even though some of you live too far away. So, I've compiled video, photos and links that will help you feel as though you were there, too! And if any of you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork, you can go to my previous blog HERE, to see the prices. I hope you all enjoy the tour <3!

This is a video of my show's opening reception. It was put together by my sweet boyfriend, Nick:

These peices are actually in the order you would see them on the walls if you started from the right side of the gallery and worked your way around it ("Good Morning...Darling!" being the first piece you would see). If you want to see larger images of the peices, click HERE:

This is the file that is looping on Computer 1 (of 3) in my BFA Thesis Exhibition "OMG Whimsy":

Animation 1:
"Mupples" won an Honorable Mention at the Fairbanks Arts Association's Bear Gallery in the 2009 "New Media: art via digital technology" Exhibition. It is also featured on Aniboom's You-Tube Channel with over 12,000 hits.

Animation 2:
"KSUA Rocks!"
This animation has been featured on KSUA-TV, UAFs Student Television station. It is based on a logo I had created for the Student Radiostation KSUA 91.5fm in Fairbanks, Alaska.

This next file is the one that is looping on Computer 2 (of 3) in my BFA Thesis Exhibition "OMG Whimsy".

1st Animation:
3-D Animation composited into video.

2nd Animation:
A mix of some of my animations from the past and present. Music by Gage Choat.

3rd Animation:
"The Kite"
An animation I created based on the kite I created and painted for my beginning sculpture class. This is a rough animation and I plan to clean it up and change some things in the future. Music by Gage Choat.

Computer 3 (of 3) had a flash file that contained my Shay-Town comics. You can see what it looked like by clicking HERE.

Well there you have it, friends. I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my show! I'd like to take this moment to thank Jess for the help she gave me during set up, and for taking beautiful photos during my reception. I'm very lucky to have a professional photographer as a best friend. I would also like to thank Gage Choat for always being generous with his music. I am very fortunate to have a friend who creates songs that go so well with my humor and artistic style. And last, but certainly not least, Nick, who kept me sane during installation and helped me more than I could have ever asked for during this stressful time.

I love you all! Thanks for checking out my show!

<3 - Shayna

PS If you would like me to post the artist statement later, I will. I just need to find the jumpdrive it's on :D!


Jess! said...

Shayna you are awesome!!!

Remember that!

Also you were right I need to make a pretty blog some day.

dolls like us said...

I love what you do you are so talented .

Shayna said...

Thanks to the both of you!

floristoeber.blogspot.com said...

I enjoyed your blog! Great work putting it together - it was like being at the opening all oven again. :-)

Shayna said...

Thanks Flori :-) It's the best I can do right now with all the time constraints I have. Two more weeks and I'll finally have my BFA! Although, I plan on going to graduate school...and then maybe more school after that. Who knows?


Soulonice said...

My baggy old friends better comment on your show!

Shayna said...

Baggy old friends?
I'm saving that one for the future.

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