Friday, May 1, 2009

Cuomo here Rivers

Weezer was probably the first band that ever fell in love with. Sure, I had been sort of listening to Nirvana, the Breeders, and Metallica due to the interests of my older siblings. However, I never really felt like I could relate to a band until I first heard Rivers Cuomo sing "In the Garage". You see, Pre 7th grade, I was a skinny, ratty-haired girl who begged her brothers to let her play RPGs with our garage. No joke. I rolled with 12 sided dice and knew exactly what River meant by "Dungeon Master's guide" the first time I heard him sing that line.

However, it wasn't just this relation that made me adore Weezer. There's something about Rivers' voice that, to me, seems so young and innocent, even now. The man is thirteen years my senior, but it's easy for me to forget that sometimes. As I grew up listening to the lyrics of the Blue Album through the Green, I felt as though the band was maturing with me; struggling and succeeding in love and life at the rate of Shay.

Yet after their third album, I started to lose interest in the band's music. I tried REALLY hard to enjoy Make Believe, but could only find a flicker of enjoyment from "My Best Friend," and to be honest I haven't really given the Red Album a chance. Until today, I couldn't help but wonder whether or not I'd ever enjoy anything produced by any of the band members ever again.

Luckily I read my friend Brenna's blog. She posted three video's of Rivers Cuomo singing live for in 2008 that I've completely fallen in love with. I'm going to post my favorite of the three, but will add links to the other two as well.

This video shows a live recording of the song "Can't Stop Partying". According to Weezerpedia:

"Can't Stop Partying" is a track from Alone II. Jermaine Dupri wrote the song and gave it to Rivers Cuomo because he claimed, as the Alone II liner notes say, that "the rock world and the hip-hop world were really the same: they were both all about partying."

I hope these fill your hearts with happy like it did for me <3!

Happy May Day!

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