Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Do you ever rediscover something from you past, only to struggle internally as you decide whether or not this artifact (excavated from your ignorant youth) is a beautiful gem or a disgusting turd that should be flushed down the most foul public toilet, never to be seen again?

Today, I faced this conundrum after I was emailed by an angelfire.com member. Apparently, this person wanted me to join their "AllSport[s]Blog". I was confused at first, because the email insinuated that I had an angelfire website with the address ak5/akgrrlsarethebestest.

"Preposterous!", I thought to myself, "I am, by far, more clever than that!" however, once I typed the ridiculous URL in my address bar, a disturbing site, which houses images raped by photoshop filters and eye-molesting lens flares, appeared.

I was suddenly force fed the brain child of an 18 year old Shayna, that of which was extremely hard for me to look at or read. I know that the site was likely the result of an internet authoring class I had taken almost 8 years ago (and at that time my work ethic was practically non existent), but c'mon...lens flare?

At any rate, it did help stir up memories from my past I normally would never have remembered on my own. I can't recall that Tony Knowles commercial I mentioned near the end, but I will always be an advocate for stimulating the Alaskan economy, especially if it involves visits from out-of-state friends.

As for the site itself, I'm still trying to decide whether or not I should attempt to remove it, or let it bask in all its cheesy glory. I bet 280 of the recorded 305 visits were from me marveling at my handy work.

I am so embarrassing.


Gage said...

visitor #327: Gage Choat

The eyes on the front page are pretty sweet. That's pure photoshop magic!

Shayna said...

I was so proud.
Selina was like "Whoa! How did you DO that?!"

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