Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Once upon a time, there was a little, curly-haired girl named Shay-Shay. Barely two years old, Shay-Shay's concept of life and death was non-existent, which is to be expected. However, the events of one fateful day forced the harsh reality of mortality to come crashing down into the young girl's world.

Entranced by the curious wonder known as "your older brother's goldfish," Shay-Shay was overwhelmed with the desire to pet this strange creature. One day, when no one was looking, she picked up the delicate specimen and began stroking it's scales and fins. Everything seemed to be going according to plan*, until the shrill cry of her older brother Dan sliced into the once peaceful moment.

It turns out, not all pets are for petting.

One of my most recent paintings is based on the event I just described. It is currently hanging in the Student Art Show in the Gruening Gallery (on the main floor).

You can visit the show any time between 9am-5pm until the 12th, but the official opening is Thursday, the 4th, at 5pm. It's a really good show this semester, so if you're a fan of art, come to the opening :D!

*Shay-Shay's Plan:
Step One: Pick Up Goldfish
Step Two: Pet Goldfish
Step Three: Happy!

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