Tuesday, April 15, 2008

She tried out poetry

I went through this phase where I wanted to be a poet.

Here are some examples of the work I produced during my blue period.

Brace yourself for sadness.


We've created our own iron curtain.
I wanted it to surround us, not separate us.

I've tried to melt it,
cast it,
bend it.
Yet manipulation just increases its width.

The many futile efforts
have fused me to its surface.

Now I'm an alloy of indifference.
I'm the curtain that keeps us distant.


you were aware it was me when I stroked you;
our movements choreographed
like a handshake only you and I knew.

my hands traveled all over, and my eyes followed.
I strived to remember each strand,
every shade,
your very texture.

I had to memorize you.
you were my baby; my first;
my little darling.

they kept checking to see if I was ready;
I wouldn't budge; I couldn't move.
salty drops escaped my eyes as I cleaned yours for the last time.
you were ready, but I wasn't.

they let me do this for an hour
before they told me it was time.

I held you close;
I felt your beating;
your weakening soul,
and I wept.

sleep my baby, sleep.
It will only take a second.

a quickened beat, two dilated eyes, a soft cry,

then nothing...

Dear E.E., Sweet Birdie

I'd carve maps into my forearms.
We know where they'd lead me.

They'd be my guides to a better place,
And yet, I'm hesitant.

Once the blade touches my skin
Your eyes invade my mind.

Turn away…don't look at me…
My hand begins to shake.

I look to my reflection,
yet your gaze replaces mine.

All I can see are those eyes;
Those sweet, innocent eyes.

Steady now, I'll take my time;
The intense stare ensues.

I struggle, but cannot fight them;
Cold steel falls to the floor.

Those eyes make me remember
Two reasons I should stay.

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