Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Molotov Cocktease and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Dr. Girlfriend) Pt. 3

Here are some of the pictures we shot of our costumes! I'm Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and Jess is good ol' Molotov. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, these look...ummm...REALLY good. Is it creepy to say that? I dunno. As a male, I have been thoroughly indoctrinated to not say: "I like looking at your butt and boobs" to someone who has paradoxically taken great care to call attention to and show off these things.

You said you sewed the thigh highs to pantyhose, but you're not wearing pantyhose in the photos, are you? If so, that is some sheer-ass pantyhose. Thank you for sharing these.

I think it was a clever touch that you physically sewed a mannequin bodice to the inside of your unitard for form-sculpting. I didn't realize for two and a half decades that this was the operating principle for a lot of women's clothing; I saw this catalog that had an illustrative x-ray view of the buttocks-lifters discreetly sewn into the popular skintight black pants some women often wear. That shit blew my mind.

Can we get another update soon? I went as Hunter S. Thompson for Halloween.

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