Friday, February 6, 2009

If I were a man...

...I'd totally be able to rock a mullet. At least that's what I've gathered from a picture generated by The University of St. Andrews' Face Transformer. They have developed a fun toy that allows you to change your age, sex, ethnicity...etc, by uploading a photo to their website.

I found it pretty entertaining, so I not only used the transformer on my picture, but on Jess and Nick's as well. You can go straight to the transformer by clicking here.

The site also provides a face averager, a morpher and a face detection device. I still need to experiment with the other features a bit more, but I thought I'd share the results of my transformations now. Enjoy :)

*Disclaimer* I didn't pick the names they gave each category, so if you're offended, blame St. Andrews.

"Face of the Future is an EPSRC funded public engagement project aimed at exploring the latest advances in facial computer vision and graphics, and what they mean for society.

The project has developed a number of standalone interactive exhibits, online demos and a lecture presentation aimed at engaging the public with the technology and the social implications of the technology." - Face of the Future Homepage


Jess Alford said...

Old us is Awesome!

Shayna said...

I almost look like the good witch from Willow.

When I'm old I'm totally going to quote her all the time...and carry a stick just like hers while doing so.

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