Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gigglesnortus Rex

Most of the time, when I happen upon things "past-me" has created, I tend to recoil with embarrassment. However, every once in a while, I am lucky enough to find something that makes me chuckle with delight. Past-me has done it again with her lab report on benthic organisms from 2006! That's right!

For this particular lab, we had to observe large and small benthic organisms either under a microscope or in jars (or both...I can't really remember). However, the answers to the lab questions aren't really what make me el oh el en mis pantalones. No, no, it's the pictures past-me drew for the lab that make me giggle. Every organism examined needed to be sketched next to the observations we made for them, and apparently, I did a most excellent job catching the essence of each organisms' personality. I wonder if the TAs found the drawings refreshing or completely frustrating...?

Here are my favorite ones (from least fave to most fave):


Happy Phallus?

Nom nom nom mother was a baboon



1 comment:

Jess Alford said...

Sigh... Tuesdays is my Favorite!

I love seeing your old lab papers and I liked the T.A.'s response.


Jess Alford

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