Sunday, October 5, 2008

Video Postcards, M'Dears

As you all know, because you're ALL loyal readers of my blog*, Jess and I have work hanging in the Bear Gallery and the Annex this month**. Since Jess' family is so far away, I agreed to help her make video postcards of our First Friday experience for her parents.

This was the first time Jess had ever entered anything into an art show outside of the University. I've only submitted one other time (aside from the student art shows I've been in). It was the Sequential Art Show of 2007. I had no idea my work was actually accepted until someone called me up on First Friday while I was in Portland to tell me they saw my comic hanging up at the Annex. I was bummed I missed the opening of the show.

So this First Friday was exciting for both of us, because it was the first one we've been to where our art was hanging on the gallery walls.

The first video is from our stop at the Bear Gallery***. The second was filmed while we were at The Annex. I decided to share them with you guys, you can feel like you were there as well.

This show was "The 64th Parallel", a juried, annual exhibition that only accepts 64 pieces of artwork. Here is an article that describes it in better detail: Interior artists present 64 pieces at the 64th parallel.

The show at the Annex was "The 4th Anniversary OPEN Exhibit". Every piece of artwork that was submitted to the gallery this month was accepted. It's a fun show because things are hung in clusteres rather than the typical gallery format. There was wine, soft chocolate chip cookies, and a painted naked chick doing a bizarre performance. It was pretty rad.

*I do NOT suffer delusions of grandeur...sorta.
**If you couldn't make it to First Friday, do not dispair. Our work will be hanging in these two galleries during the entire month of October :)
***I just need to point out that my sister Andy DOES belong. If I don't write this disclaimer she'll destroy me with her mighty fists of fury.

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