Friday, October 1, 2010

There's a cat in her lap!

Ahoy Thar Mateys!

I know that my bloggings have been few and far between these days. Thanks to the encouragement (and threats) of my best friend, Jess, I have decided to make a go at blogging on the regular again. Let's hope it lasts ;) If it doesn't, you have my permission to flog Jess. Flog her!

Speaking of Jess, last Sunday, she, Nick and I went to the Maker Faire to be awed and inspired by the nerds of New York. It was totally rad. I got to see a robot solve a rubix cube, a merry-go-round powered by rockets called the "Jet Ponies", and a life size version of the game "Mouse Trap". I also got my hands on some resin and molds, so look forward to seeing jewelry in my Etsy Shop in the near future ;)

One of the most recent additions to my shop is a pair of hand painted shoes called "Heart of Gold Pumps". These pretty shoes were originally silver with a faux snake skin texture. Now they've got a new look that has all of my friends wishing they had size 9 feet. If you know anyone who needs a pretty pair of fresh new kicks for a special occasion, send them my way ;)

On a different note, WE MADE OUR GOAL! Nick, Jess, Lance and I have been raising money for our documentary "Santas on the Move". On September 23rd, we reached the $2,500 we were shooting for seven days before the deadline. I cannot thank the people who pledged money towards our project enough. You guys rock <3

Well, it's now time for me to go. I will be participating in this year's "MP3 Experiment" tomorrow and want to be well rested for this hip happening ;) If anyone wants to come, let me know!!!

<3! - Shayna

Picture taken while I was working on my recent pair of hand-painted shoes:

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